• We are here to provide you with a “choice of excellence”. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you. Our professional staff will provide you with an insight to the service and products we offer. We are committed to become your residential and commercial flooring source.
  • Carpet Palace and Flooring Center of Rockville has professional and expert installers for all kinds of flooring solutions. Each product has a dedicated team of trained installers. We believe that proper installation enhances the beauty of the floors and thus needs to be done professionally.
  • Proper installation is crucial because it enhances the beauty and efficacy of the floor. For instance, proper layout and stretch of carpet helps to increase its longevity and prevents need for frequent repairs. The most common problem in carpet installation is posed by seams or joints. Carelessly dealt seams spoil the pattern of the carpet and also leave sharp ends open.
  • We have an expert team for installing different products. Each team is trained in perfect installation and guarantee full satisfaction. While other shops focus only on selling, we at Carpet Palace and Flooring Center of Rockville go a step beyond and focus on the product to be well-fitted in your house or office.
  • We provide superior service and world-class customer care to the clients. Carpet Palace & Flooring Center of Rockville is your convenient and trusted partner for all your home improvement needs.