Vinyl flooring is the logical choice if you like the look of exotic wood floors or natural stone but do not want the maintenance or the cost.

The beauty of vinyl flooring also known as “Resilient” lies in its adaptability. Luxury Vinyl floors can be created to give the look of wooden floors, ceramic tiles, or even marble stones.

There are two categories of vinyl flooring. Vinyl tile/ plank and vinyl sheet.


LVT or LVP is individual tile or plank with a vinyl base or a layer with the design (wood, stone, etc.) and a wear layer. These products, when installed, have a random look (even though there is finite number of designs in each box) and look very realistic. LVT is available for installation as glue down, floating, and loose lay which does not require adhesive. The thickness of wear layer determines the durability of the product. Different manufactures will add other layers to enhance dimensional stability and noise reduction.


What sets vinyl floor apart from all other floor is the resistant to water and ease of replacement of individual tiles. Vinyl floors can be wet mopped and cannot be affected by water. This makes them an ideal choice for areas that you might get some accidental water seepage like in the basement. Also with glue down installation damaged individual vinyl tiles/planks floor can be easily picked up and replaced with the new one.

These vinyl products differ from traditional Laminate products in several ways:

  1. Vinyl floor is not affected by water but ordinary laminates or any wood based product cannot tolerate moisture.
  2. Vinyl floor has the ability to absorb the sound naturally so it does not require a membrane to reduce noise.
  3. Vinyl is flexible and will conform to small unevenness of the floor.

Sheet Vinyl Floor

It is similar to vinyl tile floor but more flexible and comes as rolls 12’ or 13’2” wide. There are numerous patterns available to simulate wood, stone, tile and other organic designs. Just like LVT, sheet vinyl is resistant to water and can be wet mopped. Sheet vinyl can be installed without full spread adhesive in smaller areas making suitable for DIY jobs. These products usually have a pattern repeat of approximately 36” so the same design will repeat throughout the roll.

sheet viny

Another advantage of sheet vinyl is the softness. Many of these products will have a “cushion” layer that offers a considerable level comfort for walking and standing.

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Manufacturers And Selections


We feature products from trusted suppliers such as Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong, DuraCeramic, DuraStone, Fiber Floor, IVC, Nafco, Tarkett, Congoleum, Flexitec, Elevations, Eldorado, Du Chateaux, Town & Country, Alterna, and Moduleo.

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