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How to Choose Carpet Padding

When you decide it’s time to get new carpet for your floors, then you have to make a few decisions before you get what you need. Modern carpets present you with a variety of materials, colors, and styles. As you decide, knowing how to choose carpet padding will go a long way to make sure you get the value for your money. 

How to Choose Carpet Padding

Your timing is epic because this article will guide you through making the right choice on new carpeting. It will tell you what to look for before you make a purchasing decision. Please read to the last syllable and give your floors what they deserve. 

What to Consider

When you go shopping, you will find endless carpet options, all seeking your attention. It is easy to get overwhelmed and end up making a decision you will regret. To beat the odds of choosing wrongly, here are things you should consider;

  • Outdoor or Indoor Carpet
    How to Choose Carpet Padding

    How to Choose Carpet Padding

  • The Kind of Flooring
  • Whether Your Household has Elderly Individuals
  • Presence of Pets in Your Home
  • If There are High-traffic Areas in Your House

From here, it should not be difficult making the right decision. 

Carpet Buying Guide

  • Color

Carpets come in all imaginable and unimaginable colors. You are going to be hit with a sea of options, and you have to make the decision carefully. Going with neutral colors is a good direction, as these colors help protect your carpet from stains and traffic. You will complement other features of your interior décor. You can as well decide to go bold with your color. However, make sure that the color matches a few of your items in the house like draperies and furniture. If you like to keep things bright, warm colors are an option that never disappoints. They make smaller rooms appear large. Do not ignore slightly darker tones as they amplify the sense of comfort in your house. 

  • Rug Construction

Carpet construction is one area you should emphasize on before making a buying decision. There are arrays of carpets and new rugs to choose from depending on the fiber used. 

Loop pile is a common construction in Berber styles. The loops are raised to the same height to create a uniform pattern. These carpets will serve you for a long time, especially in high traffic areas. 

The cut-loop pile is a combination of loops and cuts. It can be used to create different textures suitable for a variety of rooms. They feature a multi-color aspect that hides stains and soil effectively. Both this and loop pile carpet require a resilient and thick carpet pad underneath to handle the high traffic.

Cut pile is the most popular of all carpet constructions. It uses tufts and twists to achieve different textures. It is more inclined to add an aesthetic edge to your room. A more stable and thin cushion is used for this type of carpet material. 

Make sure to talk with your carpet manufacturer to see what padding is recommended.

  • The Carpet Fabric

Just like their styles, carpets come in an array of fabrics. The most common fabrics are nylon, polyester, wool, triexta, and polypropylene. You should choose a material that is easy to clean, does not fade, is appropriately textured, and will last for long. 

In Conclusion

How to choose carpet padding is one sure way of getting what you want. Explore the options in the market and decide what meets your needs. Whatever carpet you go with, you’re going to want it professionally cleaned to keep it looking spot and stain-free and new.

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